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Energy Storage Instruments

A Power Electronics Company

Energy Storage Instruments Inc. is a privately held Ontario corporation established in 1995, and incorporated in 1999, specialized in power electronics design and manufacturing of standard and custom battery analyzer, battery charger and battery tester equipment for secondary rechargeable batteries.

Equipment designs utilize switch-mode power supply technology, embedded micro-controllers, USB communications, and Windows programming to control advanced battery charge and discharge techniques to provide optimum battery charging, testing and performance operations ranging from 1 Watt to 10k Watts or higher.

Our Latest Product

The PCBA 5010-4 Battery Tester is a Four Channel Precision Computerized Battery Analyzer System that works up to 50 Volts and 10 Amps per channel. Product interface is provided via Windows application software using USB 2.0 full speed communications to support up to 108 units or 432 channels simultaneously. The analyzer supports all types of rechargeable battery chemistries including a variety of lithium-ion battery types and new anode and cathode materials when available.

New products are designed for global AC line operation from 90-260VAC, 50-60Hz with careful attention paid to meeting electrical safety and EMC standards requirements for CSA, UL and CE approval.

Group Battery Analyzer Cycler Tester

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