Database Manager Software

Database Manager Application

Latest PCBA 5010-4 Database Manager Software – Version 1.06 (November 2018)

PCBA.exe Ver 1.60 (November 2018) and DBManager.exe Ver 1.06 (November 2018) Instruction Manual (January 2021)



  • Microsoft Access database management tool for PCBA 5010-4 battery analyzer
  • Queries test records from Access database filtered by battery serial number
  • Bulk save feature saves all records of given serial number to folder
  • View all past and present charge and discharge records for each battery in sequential order organized by serial number, date and time
  • Delete unwanted records and DBManager automatically renumbers database index
  • Filter records to display life-cycle test results by discharge capacity, charge capacity, discharge Watt-Hours and charge Watt-Hours
  • Save life-cycle test results or individual test records to text file and import into Excel or other spreadsheet software for charting and creation of custom reports